Salazek Male only (VRchat model PC/QUEST)

Natch Deux
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Features :

  • Unity Scene already set up, avatar is ready to be uploaded.
  • Contain the Male version only
  • Quest compatible version.
  • Fullbody tracking ready.
  • All mouth visemes, facial expressions and a whole set of 3.0 menus to modify the model.
  • 4K textures.
  • Includes all source files (.fbx , Substance Painter files, Baked textures files).
  • Approximately 100K poly model.
  • Avatar 3.0.

Tutorial on how to upload to VRchat available on my discord server (check bottom the page for link)

*Be sure to open the Unity Scene file and not just drag the model in the scene* 

Shader used : Poiyomi Toon (current version used : 6.1.15)

Dynamic Bones and latest VRCSDK are not provided so be sure to have them in your project before importing the unity package.

Dynamic Bones can be found here :

Latest VRCSDK can be found here :

What you CAN do :

  • Remove the artist's credit if you want.
  • Modify, upload and use for personal use.
  • Sell or ask for commisions to customize the given assets, as long as both parties have purchased the assets.
  • Make public/clone-able versions of the avatar within VRChat (keeping the chest plate inside isn't mandatory but very much appreciated)

What you CAN NOT do :

  • Resell any assets, even modified.
  • Share any assets, unless every parties have purchased the original assets. This includes uploading custom versions to someone else's account.
  • Use anything in purpose of hate, political engagement, or to cause harm to anyone.

This model is copyrighted. The artist reserves the rights to the model for uses in such purposes: advertising, media, games. The model may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit permission from the artist.

For more informations, updates, questions, contact me on discord : Natch#5046

And if you want to share some stuff you've done, need more help with the avatars or have access to the beta version of my new avatars you can also join my discord server here :


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Salazek Male only (VRchat model PC/QUEST)

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